step one is admitting….

“All couples go through things in their relationship”.

Ok, I get that, but what about the way you handle whatever it is that you are going through? They say two wrongs don’t make it right, but it makes it even. Ok I am definitely for the making it even part because lord knows how petty I can be, but we really need to find a solution to resolve our problems somewhat more emotion friendly being that arguments can get a little out of hand and quick. Continue reading

Personality Change


These are the words that can summarize my life daily. Why? Simply because I am human. Everyday is a struggle for me. I wake up in a world where I can actually choose the life I want to live daily. Wait, let me rephrase that. ” I wake up in a world where I can actually choose the life I want to fabricate for the day.” It’s sad to actually say but it is the new normal. Society has officially gave us the option. So today I can wake up and decide to be a filthy rich and spoiled chick from Buckhead, Atlanta who doesn’t have a job but manages to fly to various countries and states monthly. Oh wait, how about the bottle service girl from your local lounge who just got a new boob job? You know, the one who lifts in the elite lofts in  midtown. The one who dates multiple guys & has a million “close friends”.

gummybears Continue reading

girl, where have you been???!!!

Heyyyyyyy guys!!! I know so many of you are reading this and thinking “Girl!!!!! Where the hell have you been??!!”. Don’t kill me you guys. Just know that  I’m back for good!!


Since  my last post I have been soul searching. I’ve been on a mission to find myself within myself. (If that makes any sense to you guys). I’ve been praying a lot, tieing up loose ends and preparing my present self for my future self. As I type I kind of feel like I’m speaking in tongues but just know you’ll understand exactly what it is that I’m trying to say as time progresses. Continue reading


“You’re incompetent!”


Four days out of the week, I was screamed at for not having a patient’s room ready. I sat there for two years every evening, including weekends and holidays, being talked to like I was a stupid human being. Stuck in a windowless office in the heart of Washington Heights, I felt tired and uninspired. I wondered during those times if I would ever get to see my Big Apple dreams realized. Continue reading

Living Well: Three Tips to Balance Your Work and Personal Life

Finding a balance between work life and personal life can be a challenge for career-driven women. If you have a corporate job you love, it’s easy to pour your heart, soul, and every waking hour into it. Or, if your job is lack-luster, it’s probable that you are pursuing a passion project, forcing you to work late nights and on weekends. And that’s wonderful—you should give it your all. But whether your career is your life or you have a “side hustle” when your day job is done, the key to joy inevitably lies in balance. Continue reading

How One Family Lives Well (And Even Owns a Home) on Just $11 an Hour

Budgeting is a tough skill for anyone to master, but the difficulty increases for those living on a low income. Without any wiggle room for financial mistakes, it can be all too easy to rely on credit cards and payday loans to make ends meet.

But with a little organization and resourcefulness, it is possible to live well, save money, and even own a home without pulling in a huge paycheck. Continue reading

When it comes to careers, I doubt I’d ever settle. Not settle as in making a certain career my retirement job, but settling as in not wanting to advance. I don’t think that there is one complacent bone in my body that’ll allow me to be so content in a career that I never think to move on or move up in a role. Let me tell you a little about myself and my goals. Continue reading


Movie reviews are not something that I normally do. Typically because I cannot remember the last time I have sat through a complete movie without falling asleep. (Don’t judge me society). But for some reason I was able to see this movie through the end, and now I am ready to share my thoughts about it.

I had no clue that London has fallen was connected to Olympus has fallen solely because I have never saw that movie. However, I should know off back that any movie with Morgan Freeman or Angela Bassett will be a movie worth watching. ie: Invictus, Olympus has Fallen, Lean on Me, What’s love got to do with it, Waiting to exhale, How Stella got her groove back etc.). Before yesterday, I haven’t seen any previews of this movie, any commercials, no promotion what so ever. I had a choice between this movie and another and I chose this one. Continue reading