1990 – 2015

Growing up, I got any and absolutely everything I could possibly want. Not because my parents “had it like that” or anything but just because that’s how I was bought up. So as I got older I became accustomed to a certain lifestyle, only it was way different when you had to spend your own money to buy the expensive things you yearn for.  I got caught up. You know, the girls who sat their priorities and responsibilities aside for a really expensive bag or a dope pair of designer heels? I was definitely one of them. The “IT” girl. Spending $700 on a belt was so NECESSARY to me.
I had life all wrong. I would scroll up and down my timeline and see all the young girls “Living”, vacations every week, good bags, mean shoes, etc and I’m just sitting here working, paying mortgage and car notes. I would get so angry, forgetting all about the reason I do what I do in life. To better myself, to land my career and find my niche in life and build my empire. So when I shop i never look at price tags, that kind of life. It finally dawned on me that social media will strip you of your self worth of you allow it. I damn sure know priorities come first, I was just so caught up in the images people were portraying. The bragging, the ” oohs and the aahssss”. I’m happy I can admit this. Because I know plenty of you hiding behind your profiles angry and mad at the next person because you can’t keep up with the Joneses. Don’t get me wrong I still treat myself to Chanel, Givenchy & Louis Vuitton, but I’ve been there and done that, I’ve spent check after check just to have designer, yea it’s cool until something new comes out next season. Bottom line, I’d take my apartment, my American car, my Bank account and my dignity over the “It” life any day. They do it for the likes, I do it to live my life.


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