I wanted to take the time to share something with you guys, because you never know, someone out there may be going through exactly what I’m going through and can use the insight.

So as you guys all know, for years now (even since living in New York) I have decided that I wanted to obtain my Master’s degree to become a Physicians Assistant. I was so adamant with my decision. I thought it was the best for me. I started taking all of my pre-reqs that were needed and guess what? I was FAILING all of my classes. Why? I don’t know. I can’t say I wasn’t focused but then again I can say that. Last year was particularly hard for me because I was in a really bad space mentally & that caused a lot of my suffering when it came to school. I ended up taking a semester off. I picked up a few months later, now in a much better space mentally and physically & swore I was ready to take these classes by storm, and guess what? I still FAILED.

It started to tear me apart because school is so my thing so I was really confused as to WHY this wasn’t working for me. I even went as far as transferring Universities. I started blaming my failing on everything under the sun except myself. I just could not see my self admitting that I was a huge F*ck up. Fast forwarding, after some reconsideration and reevaluation , I came to the decision that I’ll further my nursing into a Masters Program and become a Nurse Practitioner. Of course , in my mind I thought I was being foolish for trying to take the “Easy ” way out, but in reality these are both hard fields. They both require hard work and dedication. Long ago I gave up on putting a time frame on my life. There is no more ” I want my dream house by 30, I want to be married by 26, I want my first child at 25, I want to be finished with school by 30″. I’ve decided to take life one day at a time. I’ll also be vlogging this whole process that I’ll be transitioning into starting late August. Such a perfect birthday gift right? Welp, thanks for letting me share my experience. 💗 I hope this helped someone who was just as indecisive as I was.


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