Define FRIENDS….

I’ve always been big on friends. Growing up I always had many. So I thought. After a while I came to the conclusion that I came with perks. They were there for the rewards I came with. Security, money, whatever it was that could possibly convenience them at the moment. I had to put a stop to that. My loyalty runs so deep. I have one of the biggest 💗’s you’d possibly come in contact with. I never judge others by what someone else would tell me. I figure them out on my own. I am my own leader, I never listen to the rumors and what others assume. So when you cross me, you lost me. Trust. After a while it was no need to try to save friendships that had no meaning. So I cut all ties.
I can count on one hand how many people I could consider a FRIEND. On top of that, it feels like the people I’ve known for the shortest amount of time mean more to me than people I knew a lifetime and that is just mind bottling. I hate hearing the “Hey stranger” crap because the phone works both ways, your fingers aren’t broken, & you know where to find me, and vice versa. Getting rid of these toxins will make life so much more easier and enjoyable. I’ve learned to be my own friend and depend on myself more than I could with any friend. Most of these people don’t even want to see you do good. Snakes in the grass, waiting for the moment. The people on your “team” are really your opponents. Trust me, I’ve came across plenty!


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