Mistakes Happen

Now I know there are so many people that may be able to relate to this topic, or even this scenario, because hey it’s life and we all make mistakes. Now those who know me know that I wasn’t always such a “Scholar”. In fact I was the total opposite. I’ve had my share of violence, I’ve ran with the wrong crew. I was kicked out of multiple schools in high school. My permanent record was over 100 pages long. I was arrested for assault and other charges over 15 times, & I’ve been in way too many fights to count. Why? Just because I guess. I was a bully. I felt overpowered when I fought, it released something in me that made me feel complete. Smh. My last suspension in High School was almost a year long, and even once I completed that I was suspended yet again a week later.

Before you know it I was kicked out of my third school. That’s when I had enough. I was too old for that. I joined a High School program that awarded me with my GED prior to completion and I enrolled in college. Now BOOM, I enrolled in a private college in Queens NY, got my associates degree & transferred into a four year college to complete my BSN. Guess what? Apparently the private college that I attended was only accredited to a certain extent and I basically had to start over from phase 1 because not one single credit hour transferred over. I couldn’t believe it. Here I was, thinking that I was slowly getting on track and look what happened. I was miserable, I cried for a whole year straight until I finally sucked it up and got it done.

Now, four years later, here I am trying to complete my Master’s Degree ! Yes, I said it right! Look at God. At times I sit back and think where would I be today if I would’ve given up those few years ago. Life works in some crazy ways. So my point today for today’s #MM is to just do what makes you happy. We should really stop looking for the easy way out because at times it’s not always so rewarding. Stop putting a time frame on everything because things don’t always work out as planned. Life is what YOU make it. So make sure you live it the way YOU want to. No one controls your destiny but God & Yourself . Love is Love | 💗


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