Social Media vs. Reality

Never allow yourself to compare your life, your actions, your looks or even your pockets to another individual’s. Sure having a figure to look up to is ok, but when you begin to obsess with their every move, or upset yourself because you aren’t able to do as they do then this should tell you that something is wrong. This was me a few years ago. Yea it was easy to make it seem that I was so confident about my lifestyle, that I was comfy in my own skin, but I was no where near that point. I would sign in everyday and know exactly who to type in and stay glued to their pages. I would read every comment under their latest photos, trying to find out as much as I could about them. I would try to find what they wore, buy all the expensive items that they wore. I was slowly trying to become someone I’m not. But why? It was the attention. Deep down inside I wanted to be adored the way they were. They seemed so carefree, I wanted that. I wanted to spend with no worries, travel every week. I wanted to live unrealistically.

I knew I needed a break. So I went on an emotional cleansing. I gave up all social networks, I read the bible more, I reflected on my life, my soul and most importantly myself. I realized that everyone has their own struggles, everyone has their own hustle. Of course we don’t bust out asses daily to stay the same. These girls that I “admired” I admired for the wrong reasons. The same way I looked to them for guidance  they were looking to celebrities for it.  I began to see who they really were. Many of them were self conscious young girls who desperately wanted the attention from men that one man wouldn’t give. They didn’t love themselves, they were not happy individuals. I began following people who related to me, who had ambition and who gave off positive vibes and messages that I could use to better myself.

They say “The grass is much greener on the other side”. I’m too worried about my own grass now to worry about if anyone else’s is greener. We all have the same 24 hours in our day. Utilize it and work up to where you want to be. You want it? EARN it! If it was easy everyone would have it. Be unique, be you. You’ll love you more for being real 💗!


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