Follow your Heart

The heart is a powerful tool that is often overlooked for all it does. Yes, it keeps us breathing and operating but more than that, the heart provides us with a sense of balance and often serves as a compass for our lives. When your head doesn’t have the answers and your gut can’t seem to give you direction, your heart always will. The best part about your heart, it has never failed you and it never will.

The heart and the universe have this weird relationship that I don’t think we’ll ever quite understand. They work hand in hand to create this life with experiences we never even knew were possible. Even with all life’s ups and downs, someway and somehow things seem to work out perfectly fine when we follow our hearts. Crazy right?

Living in a society that is driven by social media it can become easy to ignore lessons given by our heart. We opt for experiences that are more appealing to the eye or appealing for “the moment” but those often don’t last very long. Deep down inside, that organ that keeps us together has all the answers we could possibly need to create  lives more fulfilling for ourselves and for the world.

Half of the time when we are making gut wrenching decisions, we already know the answers. Think about it. To stay with him or the leave him? To ask for a promotion or to wait for a promotion? To embark on a new business venture or wait for one to come your way? Your heart know the answer and it’s only a matter of time before you can no longer do things on your own and you are forced to listen and follow it. Trust us, it won’t lead you astray for it never has.

Push through obstacles and overcome boundaries with advice from friends and family members but always remember who and what is really in control. You are in control and your heart will help you create a life unlike any other. It will help you create a story that is unique to you and absolutely no one else. There is so much joy in that!

Every now and then we need assurance that it’ll all work out perfectly fine. Let this serve as your mid-summer reminder. You may get distracted sometimes and that’s okay. When you do, just know, your heart isn’t going anywhere, it has all the answers, and you can always call on it. Once you begin to wholeheartedly follow your heart, the universe and the powers that be will allow everything to fall right in place serving as a reminder that you’re well on the right path.


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