Larger than Life

Have you ever felt like you weren’t doing enough with your life when in reality you were doing too much? You had so much going on you couldn’t even remember the last time you to inhaled.  if so, then honey, WELCOME to the club.

I have felt this way for years now. I could have literally three hours of free time in my day but with that free time I felt as if i was wasting my life away. Like I wasn’t doing anything productive. I was bored. Not even taking the time to realize that I haven’t slept in the last 45 hours or even that I’ve been actively busy for the last 21 hours.

I was simply overworking myself. Trying to achieve something, trying to be better at something, just trying to advance, but also trying to kill myself in the process.

This for me had started back in 2012 I believe. When I had to start my coursework over from scratch. In my mind there was no way I’d be stuck in school for another 3 to 4 years for a degree. My mission was to cut that in half and ASAP! I was working full-time, going to school full-time and still trying to find a way to live. And even through all that I was doing, it was just not enough for me. I knew deep down that I should be doing more. So i decided to decorate my house. That’s when I discovered that Interior Decorating was for me.

But even after all of that, something was still missing. There was always something for me to complain about. The thing with me is once I feel like I have mastered something, I have to move on, or else I’ll begin to feel comfortable with being mediocre, and that is a huge NO NO!

Being complacent isn’t my thing. I mean when I get to the level that I’m trying to get to then complacent will be a good thing, but as for now , it isn’t. Everything right now is temporary. Everything. Shit, life is even temporary.

I worked so hard and prayed so hard and cried so hard for this job that I have right now and guess what? I want more. I want better. I find myself trying to commit to this job but I will not get complacent. This is just a stepping stone into my career, I will not make it a long term ordeal. Yes, I am very grateful for having this job and being able to get all the experience that I have gained, but I want more. I feel like I have mastered it already, and it has only been a little over a month. So tell me, am I buggin’? Am I the only one who feels this way? Because if not, then you reading this post are a different breed. And if you don’t feel this way, you my friend are complacent.

Get out of that ditch! Stop being basic! Stop being mediocre! Do more!

Do not waste yourself away because you are comfortable with your paycheck, you do minimal work, or your managers are nice. Ypu aren’t here for that. Do what you have to do to become your bosses boss! Be that kind of person. Have that kind i=of mentality. Have these kind of thoughts.

Think about what I have said, in the next thirty days come back to this post and read it and see if your answer to this question has changed. If so, the world is yours. If your answer has not changed, you are simply B A S I C!


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