The Dream Team | Your Starting 5

We all have our crew, our girls, our fab five, our squad – basically our core group of friends that serve as our well for all things positive, funny, encouraging, warm and fuzzy. They keep us grounded and level headed when things aren’t quite working out and to say our lives are so much better because of them would be an understatement. Like, where would we be without our girls? There are countless answers to that question that would keep us here all day so just think about it. Maybe even write it down.

Because our girls are just so amazing, many often find it hard to even think about spending time with others. “You mean go to dinner with someone that I barely even know? Why would I ever do that?” But we beg of you, don’t turn your nose up at the idea just yet. Hear us out.

There’s this old saying that we’re sure you’ve heard before: your network is your net worth. The truth in this statement extends far beyond this post but here’s a quick lesson that will encourage you to really incorporate it into your life.

Yes, your friends are outstanding. They are movers and shakers and they are well on their way to success (or maybe not but let’s just say they are for the sake of this post). But there is a much bigger world outside of your inside jokes and screenshot exchanges. The moment you boldly step foot into this outer world, you’ll quickly start to see things change.

Plain and simple: be open to meeting new people and making new connections. You never ever know who knows who and how they could possibly help you in the future. It’s better to be prepared than miss out on an amazing opportunity because you never took the time to make the connection. If this means having lunch with the girl in the cubical next to you, go for it! You just may realize that you two have more in common than just the same employer. Go figure! When attending networking or social events, it’s okay to go with your girls. Heck, why wouldn’t you? But when you are at these events, it would behoove you if you actually made an attempt to speak to the other people in the room. You know, maybe exchange a business card or two. Just a suggestion.

You know that trailblazing bombshell that you’ve been twitter friends with for like, forever? Try taking things a little further and possibly exchanging e-mail address or maybe even phone numbers. Whatever works best for you just promise yourself that you’ll make an attempt to grow your network. In doing so, opportunities and connections will start pouring in right before your very eyes.

We’re certainly not suggesting leaving your girls behind or even changing the nightly phone call routine. However, we are encouraging you to be open to new things, new experiences, new people, and new connections. It’s time to start growing your network to higher heights and putting yourself out there and what better time to start than now? Summer is about to take off and the amount of people you’ll come in contact with is going to be crazy.

Granted, every person you come in contact with you won’t keep in touch with forever. That’s just the reality of life but it won’t hurt to making an attempt or even just being open to the idea of meeting new people. You just never know where a simple introduction could possibly lead.

So yes, you’re dope and your girls are dope. We agree. But now, more than ever, is the time to start sharing your dopeness with more people and perhaps experiencing the dopeness of others. There are so many connections to be made and the opportunities to grow yourself and help others grow are endless. You girls are needed because, necessary but there’s always room to grow and now it’s time to make your “squad goals” even bigger and better.


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