When will we MATTER in their eyes?

Have you ever been so frustrated with yourself because you were so confused about what to do next? Ugh! This is so me right now. I am currently stuck at a stop sign. I’m really blaming this on the fact that I move into my new apartment in the next few weeks, Pushing myself to meet the deadline for fall semester & just juggling work, and my love life. Oh yea and my personal life too. I’m just stuck as a person. With school, which is the hardest decision at the moment. Stuck with which paint colors I want to use, how I want to wear my hair for my birthday. My mind is in a huge knot at the moment.

I’m just such an overly dramatic person but I swear ya’ll gotta feel me on this one. I know I’m not the only one out there that goes through this or is going through this. All of these issues might seem so minimal to someone reading this but to me, it feels like the end of the world.

When I come to reality, I remember that there are others out there with way bigger problems than what I’m whining about. There are way bigger problems in the world as well. Way Bigger! Like have you guys watched the news lately? Because I haven’t. I stopped watching the news months ago because it is just so very depressing. Not that I do not know about what’s going on in the world because I definitely do. (Thanks to my lovely social media friends who keep me updated continuously).

This post has shifted quickly and that’s mainly because I’m still in such disbelief at what I’ve been seeing in the media these last few months. As history repeats, so does the outcomes. When will they notice that we MATTER? Will they ever notice that we matter?

Suddenly, I no longer feel so stressed about school, or paint, or life. I’m stressed about being BLACK. I have never been more afraid to wear this skin color the way I am now.Life for us at the moment has an expiration date. My only goal at this moment is to not become a hashtag (#).


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