Okay, so why is it that we can spend our hard earned money on going out with friends, movie night, drinks, you know meaningless things? Unnecessary things? But when we have to spend money on things that we actually NEED we get so upset? Lol things like this puzzle me. For example, I have this stupid ass tire on the driver’s side of my car that I have to put air in literally everyday. Of course at this point it’s obvious that I need a new tire. When I say new I may not even be thinking brand new but new as in a newer one than the one that I currently have. Anyways, I have been doing all kinds of things with my money these days, shopping, eating out etc.

But every time i get to that damn air pump and realize I need a new tire I swear I suddenly get dementia. All of a sudden I begin to act like this cheap Jewish lady and start calculating my accounts in my head and convince myself that $35 for a tire is too much. Not exactly , but basically I convince myself that it’s perfectly normal to put air in a tire everyday & then I decided to go and order that really nice dress that I saw on Gojane.com earlier for $45 + $5.95 shipping.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Priorities people, PRIORITIES. I know that I am not the only person who feels this! But if I’m not, people we really need to get it together. I am really strict in certain areas when it comes to spending. Like groceries, rent, car payments. You know, really important things. But then I have times when i’m just loose and careless. Like hair appointments, shopping, nail treatments, makeup. I have to learn how to be stingy to any and everything that isn’t a necessity in life. I have to learn how to be stingy to the unnecessary.

At times I even get upset when I have to take my car for an oil change. Just because I’d rather spend $45.99 on a pair of shoes that I feel would be more beneficial to me than an oil change. I guess that this is all apart of growing up. This is something that I must gain control of soon before it’s too late.

I refuse to put myself through financial rehab. Lol wait, does that even exist? (Opens google tab)

To be continued…


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