When someone doesn’t like you, you have to remember it’s not you as a person that they do not like. It’s what your doing, whether it’s with your life as far as jobs or careers go. Or even how you dress. Your makeup or even something as petty as your hair. They’re mad at themselves because of what you have. But what they fail to realize is all you went through to get it. Four – six years of college, ten bullshit jobs until you landed your career, you get my drift.

I’m mainly talking to myself as I write this because I shouldn’t allow anyone to get me to come out of character because of their thoughts and actions.
I’m where I am in life because I worked for it and I deserve to be. You are where you are because you’re complacent. Don’t compare yourself to me because you will never be me. You can either be above me or below me but you are where you are and you’re stuck.

The top feels so much better than the bottom, so much better. Besides, the bottom is too crowded. The bottom is BASIC, and basic is what I AM NOT!


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