My Love For Gay Marriage

Could you ever imagine the love of your life in the hospital fighting for their life and you not being granted permission to visit them?  Or could you imagine watching all of your family and friends getting married, divorced, married again, and divorced again and you’re not given even one opportunity to do either. This was the reality for many same sex couples. Instead of focusing on the genders of couples we should have focused on the love that two should share. Not allowing a couple to get married based on sex is discrimination and furthermore allowing them to marry won’t ruin the sanctity of marriage.

When it comes to marriage love should be the only factor that matters. Just because many people don’t agree with their choice doesn’t mean they should have to suffer a life of happiness. Plenty of heterosexual couples get married, even though everyone in their life disagree. Everyone should be granted the right to love no matter who it is.
Secondly, not allowing same sex couples to marry is a form of discrimination. The definition of discrimination is unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories or people or things. So not allowing couples to get married contradicts the equality that this country supposedly stands for. Thus banning same sex marriage is unconstitutional.
Many might say that allowing same sex couple to get married will ruin the sanctity of marriage but I disagree. Marriage is traditionally recognized as a union between a man and woman, but there is no such thing as a traditional marriage anymore. 68% of all marriages end in divorce and we even go so far as praising celebrities by dedicating countdowns and congratulating them on big divorce settlements.  About three or four years ago Kim Kardashian’s marriage was at the top of every news headline because her marriage only lasted 72 days. Allowing same sex couples the right to be married won’t ruin marriage any more then opposite sex couples.

To decide that a couple wasn’t worthy of marriage because they are the same sex is unjust. It’s also out of line for people to argue that they will ruin the sanctity of marriage when we as heterosexual couples have already done so and are allowed to make a mockery of a serious situation. For those of you who are against same sex marriage, what if years from now your younger family members, best friend or even your child chose to live an alternative lifestyle even if you didn’t agree wouldn’t you want them to be happy? So instead of being judgmental, let’s try being open minded and tolerant of others.

Same-sex marriage is just about as humane as opposite-sex marriage. One in ten people are gay. Seems perfectly normal to me. Is it normal to you? And anyway, why don’t people like two gays marrying?
Let’s start out with the facts. The evidence. One out of ten people are gay or lesbian.  If your friend was gay, would you hate them for it? Would you turn around to be the face of injustice and all that is unfair? Would you be the person translating hate to your friend because he or she is homosexual? Would you be the so-called ‘friend’ that is the image of degrading human rights? There’s this other statement too, which really gets me. A heterosexual woman can get four or five marriages in her life, when two same-sex lovers can’t even get one. How does this work?

Apparently, in the Bible, gay marriage is sin. Yet, you say: “God loves everyone.” Yet, it’s alright to SELL your children into slavery. Yet, it’s alright to DISCRIMINATE against someone because he or she likes the same sex.

What I’m about to say is a true story. Although it has absolutely nothing to do with marriage, I felt the need to share it. Imagine a twenty-one year old student, blonde hair, brown eyes, almost six feet in height and has a chiselled chin. This young man’s name is Matthew Shepard. Your average university student, am I right? One the night/morning of the 6th and 7th of October, he was attacked and brutally tortured. He passed away on the 12th of October from fatal head injuries. During the trail, witnesses expressed that Matthew was homosexual. Ask yourselves, is it right to slaughter an innocent person because they like the same gender? The two murderers, Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson robbed, pistol-whipped and tortured Matthew, and then tied him to a fence in a rural area, leaving him to rot and bleed to death all on his own. After this, Aaron and Russell acquired Matthew’s home address and were intending to burglarize his own home. Was that  more humane than just accepting your friend for being gay?

I envision a world where people can openly admit they are gay without feeling oppressed or scared of the reaction.

I envision a world wherein homophobia ceases to exist.

I envision a world where a same-sex marriage occurs without any fuss from religion and/or politics.

I envision a world where families will not abuse their child for being homosexual.

Imagine you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. You’re completely in love and you want to get married. But you can’t. You’re not allowed to.  You don’t get to have a wedding reception; no vows, no exchanging rings, no walk down the aisle. You are also denied the legal rights that come along with marriage. If your partner gets sick with a terminal illness, you may not be allowed to visit them in the hospital because you are not their spouse. If they die from that illness, all their worldly possessions could go to a distant cousin because you aren’t married, even though you two were partners in almost every other way. Unfortunately, these are some of the hardships that gay and lesbian couples face every day. The sad thing is most of the arguments keeping same-sex marriage are flawed and reactionary and are based upon nothing more than prejudice, ignorance, bigotry and fear. Same-sex marriage should be legalized because lesbian and gay couples are good parents, because homosexuality is a common occurrence in nature, and because the laws keeping same sex-marriage from being legalized are old and outdated.

Those against gay and lesbian marriages often use the argument that homosexual couples are unfit parents and cannot produce a child without help from a 3rd party. So, therefore, they should not be allowed to marry, since the sole reason for a marriage is to produce a child. You will see that the arguer has already contradicted themselves. If the main reason for a marriage is to produce a child, then why are sterile couples allowed to marry? And why does the arguer call gays and lesbians ‘unfit parents’ when no credible study has ever found that to be true. Another commonly used argument is that homosexuality is unnatural and that, by accepting same-sex marriage, we are encouraging an ‘abomination’.

The last of the top three arguments is that same-sex partnerships are short-lived and non-monogamous, therefore, gays and lesbians should not be allowed to marry. This argument is so outdated it’s almost laughable. It may have had some credibility, say, 50 years ago, when divorce was a rare occurrence and adultery was a crime. But, nowadays, over half of heterosexual marriages end in divorce. Nowadays, 57% of men and 54% of women have admitted cheated on his/her spouse. Marriage is no longer what it was fifty years ago.

There are many other arguments against gay marriage, each as refutable as the rest. If no convincing arguments can be made, and all that is stopping two people from legally spending the rest of their lives together is the prejudice and ignorance of people who refuse to listen to the facts, why are people who love each other not allowed to be married? Discrimination and hatred are wrong. Love knows no boundaries. Love does not care if the two people are different races. Love does not care if the two people are the same gender. Love does not care how different people’s social background is. Love is blind to differences and similarities. There is only one truth that people should never forget: Love is love.

Just be happy for legalized gay marriage. By doing this, you are bringing more equality to the world, and you are bringing smiles to the faces of those who can now marry their dearly beloved. By accepting homosexuality instead of denying it, we are now creating a healthier atmosphere for all. I want to go today thinking that we have made a change for the lesbian, bisexual, gay and transsexual community for all. So, please, next time you see a gay or lesbian couple walking down the street, accept them and don’t shout crude words at them. Next time, if you see a fellow student in school which rumors tell him or her is a ‘fag’, don’t jump on the abuse bandwagon. Because all this world needs is a bit of love.


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