Quarter Century.

So yes, I’m still boasting! This has been an amazing weekend for me. This past weekend I celebrated my 25th birthday. I can actually say that all of the stress, aggravation and tears were worth it in the end result.

My sisters and my niece flew in from New York City, my friends came from all over Atlanta and we partied! It was amazing. Birthdays have always been so big to me.

Why wouldn’t someone want to celebrate becoming a year older, a year wiser? Beats me. Now and days you have to cherish such things because it isn’t promised. I’ve read so many posts and articles about children not making it to see 14 years old. When did that become the new norm?

At 14 years old I was stalking my crush, sitting in living environment thinking of ways to pass him notes and things like that. The streets weren’t safe at all but I wasn’t worrying about going outside and being killed. I was living my life as a fourteen year old.

The keyword is LIVING. Something a lot of people aren’t doing, because some aren’t alive to do so and others feel as if they can’t afford to do so. All I ever wanted to do was live. To be able to just pick up and go. To not get too complacent in an environment and get stuck there. Spending, traveling, vacationing, these things are my perception of living because this is what I do to “Live”. Find out what you consider your perception on living to be and do just that.

Hey, why work so hard in life & you cant take it all with you when you go? ❤


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