Let it Burn

Have you ever woken up to some unexpected money? You know, the kind of money that makes you feel rich after you’ve been penny pinching for the last couple of days? Think about it…. Yes, yes that money! OK so why is it that when this happens we suddenly feel so rich? Like you went from eating a pack of Ramen noodles to wanting to go out for a 5 Star meal for lunch.

Knowing you need to use the money for a bill or something important, but you’re online looking for weave, or throwing miscellaneous items into a cart online to buy fall fashion items.

This all leads back to my post a few weeks back about PRIORITIES. We have to do better guys! We always have the chance to get our head back up above water but we’d rather sacrifice that opportunity an sink deeper into debt because we can’t seem to separate our needs from our wants.

I’ve listed a chart below and included basic everyday necessities with a few luxuries as well. My answers are marked on the chart. Take a peek and see if your answers are similar to mine. If so, you know the difference between a need and a want, which by the way is excellent, now it’s time to discipline yourself !

 x Food
 x Washer/Dryer
 x Magazine Subscription
 x CD Player
 x Satellite Dish
 x Concert Tickets
 x Cell Phone
 x Designer Clothes
 x Child Care
 x TV Set
 x Convenience Foods
 x Gas/Electricity/Water
 x Eating Out
 x College/School Expenses
 x Insurance
 x Church Offering
 x Big Screen TV
 x House Payment/Rent
 x Clothes

If you have an account at a nearby bank, take advantage of their financial advisor meet- ups. They are usually free and can give you a heads up on your expenses and tips on how to manage, save and budget your income. I refuse to work at least 260 days out of a 365 day year and never have an understanding of where my money went.

” The woman who makes 50k per year is equally important as the woman that earns 5 million per year”.

I know what I am about to say may have you cringe just a little but try to stay current on your bills. Yes it may seem impossible, but it isn’t. Trust me, the more late fees you avoid, the more money you’ll save.

Designate one day per week that you will not spend anything, except for life’s essentials. When it becomes comfortable, do it again. Mentally prepare for it.

Always remember the difference between debit vs. credit. Available cash and available credit are two different things. One you own. One you pay back.

A budget still allows you to run around and have fun. There’s just a perimeter to keep you safe. ❤


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