Being Complacent

There are so many people who I know who will probably send me a text or call me after they read this post but hey, if the shoe fits then you shall wear it. First, let’s get into the meaning of the word COMPLACENT.

Definition: Contented to a fault with oneself or one’s actions. In other words Satisfied, Content, Stuck, Okay etc. Get my drift?

It really bothers me to speak to others and here them nag over and over about a job, school, half-ass friends or loser ass men. It bothers me because all of the stress and frustration could be avoided. All of this is preventative. Many of the people I associate myself with are simply complacent. They are stuck, and their form of stuck is willingly, because you can always stop complaining about the job you “hate” so much and find another one. You could just cut all ties with the guy you ” hate ” so much and focus on yourself or find you someone else. But, they rather settle for it. Settle for the minimum wage job, the bum ass guy with a wife and kids, the molded basement apartment, etc.

When will it all be enough?

In my opinion people are complacent because it is all that they know. They don’t know any other way to deal with what they are going through. They are so used to being dependent. So use to being comfortable and just ” ok” or just making ends meet. But listen to this, that is NOT OK! Who wouldn’t want more for themselves? Who wouldn’t want the happiness and joy of being stress free? Because I know I sure do love it.

Of course it sounds so good and seems easier than it is but if you want something you’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen. I won’t even sit here and act like I’ve never been complacent in my life because trust me, I have, but with time came change and I was determined to make things better for myself and my future.

I was complacent with so many things in life that looking at me you’d even think how I was living was fine because I was that comfortable.I was comfortable with my domestic violence relationship. I told myself that I deserved better but that I was staying because ” we were in love”. I was comfortable living at home and not paying any real bills so my job at target was ” just enough” for me. I  was still able to afford my rent, car note and weaves so I was comfortable working at the Post Office where my job was not secure. I was comfortable being uncomfortable so I continued to live that lifestyle.

Please listen to me, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Please want more for yourselves. Nobody in this world will have your back the way you do so please do whats right for you.Ladies, let’s stop looking for a guy to love us the way we should love ourselves. Ain’t enough love in this world for me to let a guy love me half way. To my men, let’s stop dragging women through the mud the way we would not want our mothers, daughters and sisters being done. When it comes to love, if it’s meant to be then it’ll be. Don’t force it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being alone.

When it comes to employment, stop working 8 hours a day and more for a company you hate clocking in for. Find a job that you love and that’s when work will not feel like work. Make some sort of purpose in life. It isn’t too late.

I’ve worked for many employers growing up that I wish I wouldn’t have wasted my time with. but at the end of the day they all gave me the courage to face reality and go after what I know I deserved and where I needed to be. I didn’t  land my dream job overnight. My degree sat for a long time before I put it to use and that’s because I was fine with ” Just getting by”. I didn’t see a reason to fix something that in my mind wasn’t broken.

Don’t let your comfort cripple you. Stop settling. Settling is for basic people.Let’s not be basic people! ❤

















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