Defining Myself.

I cannot define myself. Usually I would probably consider myself a person who wears many hats, but I am so much more than that. How can I even put myself into a category? That’s like limiting myself. In my opinion, there are no limits to what I can do. No matter what the requirements are for whatever it is that i’m trying to do, I know that I can get it done.

Me pushing myself to become an Interior Designer wasn’t easy, nor something that happened overnight. It took time. In fact, to this very day I have not perfected or mastered my craft the way I wish to and that stops me from accepting clients, signing contracts and many other things. I use my home and my friend’s homes to stage my pieces and make my dream come to life. Do I feel like I’m not good enough? Of course not. I am very confident in my designs. I look at other designers for inspiration. I must say, they give me such a boost of energy and confidence to keep perfecting my craft.

Me pushing myself to start a lifestyle blog, a website, a YouTube channel, a stationery line, these things have taken so much thought, effort, time, and idea. Do I feel like I have a lot on my plate? Yes, but can it be done? Yes. I refuse to be half – ass anymore when it comes to things that represent me as a person. whatever my name will be attached and associated with will be EXCELLENT. I’m claiming it now.

I’m coming for everything that they said I couldn’t have. These projects are time-consuming. These things will not happen overnight. But it’s fine with me. I have nothing but time. I don’t mind if it takes me 5 years to launch. I will just use the five years leading up to it to make my projects into my definition of perfection.

I am so excited and happy for myself for everything that I am doing. So many people feel limited in life because they are so stuck on what they are “supposed’ to do in life. Like work, and go to school. Might I remind you that I’m doing that as well. At the end of the day it’s all about how you apply yourself. it’s all about multitasking.

When you are doing something that you love, or have a passion for you do not get an “E ” for effort. You don’t focus on getting it done halfway. You go above and beyond to make this thing a hit! Your projects become your “babies”. Your children. You feed it, build it, nurture it, train it into becoming what it is that you want it to be, I guarantee you, the end result will be so rewarding for you. It’s like winning the lottery, finally breathing again for the first time after a bad cold, falling in love again after a really bad past relationship. The butterflies, the scared/nervous feeling, all of these mixed emotions all in one. It’s one hell of a feeling.

I cannot wait to share my progress and my journey with you all.They always say never speak out on what’s in the works until the deal is solidified so I’ll leave it here.Now watch me work. ❤ #Staytuned


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