FAMILY – You can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them (even though some of you wish you could)

Let me start out by saying that there are NO PERFECT FAMILIES – NONE!! Unfortunately, we were not privilege to pick our families at birth, but we have an opportunity on a daily to make a difference within the family!

Families at times can be difficult, disappointing, and disheartening – however, they can also be Delightful to have around! Many times we tend to desire the family relationships that others may have, but what we don’t realize is that every family have their own personal issues. The difference between their family and yours is that, they don’t air their dirty laundry – their issues are not put on public display.

We waste so much precious time on things of the past to the point, 10 – 15 years have passed and we look up one day and little Johnny is graduating from High School; and we have the nerve to say, “where has the time gone?” I can tell you where it has gone; YOU HAVE WASTED that precious time! Time you will never have the opportunity of embracing ever again. Time you will never regain. Time you will never get back! TIME – stop wasting TIME!

Listen to me, the Bible says that time waits on no man. It is our responsibility to practice and make sure that our family is cared for. The Bible says that “this is pleasing to God” (I Timothy 5:4, 8). When we know that our brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, mothers or even our fathers are in need; it is our responsibility to see that their needs are met! Not only do we focus on our blood relatives, but we must also focus on the people who God has connected us too. I’m sure you are aware that sometimes, God connects us to people who are not what we consider blood relatives. But that union is so tight that it would be virtually impossible to prove otherwise.

On today, let’s please God by seeing about our family members; whether it’s a phone call, a visit, cleaning their house, or even sowing a seed. Let that unforgiveness go, not for the other person….BUT for you! You’re still mad about something that they have gotten over or forgotten about. Why don’t you forget about it and get over it as well? Most importantly, let them know how much you LOVE them!

Family is precious, so embrace your family today!


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