a couple that prays together….

My Fiance and I have one of the strongest relationships that I have ever witness or have saw with my own two eyes. I ask myself at times “How is this possible”? It all seems just too good to be true. Communication is key. Anyone can talk but are you listening? Let me just let you in on our little secret. PRAYER! Yes, we pray together. I am a firm believer in God. Always have and I always will be. Growing up I went to church because I had to. I was forced. As I got older it became a choice. I won’t even lie, I only went for Easter Sunday, Palm Sunday, and New Years.

Of course this is just horrible, I know, I know but this was just my train of thought being young. I needed to get back in touch and in sync with my faith, my belief, my grace. Fast forwarding a little into 2010, a tragedy had hit home and I found myself praying for miracles day in and day out. The blessings were pouring down but I felt so angry with my God because I felt as if he was holding out. Instead of me appreciating the prayers he did answer, I found myself complaining about what he hadn’t blessed me with. In reality, I was holding out on myself. Blocking my own blessings. I had no clue.

Just recently, a few months to be exact, I reconnected my covenant relationship with my God and may I say it was long overdue. It was such an indescribable feeling. I’d sit in Sunday service and cry tears of joy because this right here is what I needed and for so long. Long ago I only pray when I needed him, now I pray to praise him and thank him. Before, I only prayed for myself. Now, I pray for other as well. My have I grown.

My Fiance grew up in church as well. Once again, he went more so because he had to, not because he wanted to. On a typical Sunday morning, i’m getting ready for church and he is getting ready for work. So at church,I pray for him. At night before bed, I pray and he listens, he understands. He has not been able to reconnect his faith and grace with Christ but I still keep the connection between them strong enough until he is able to do so. I really believe this has helped our relationship get to where it is today. Prayer changes things. ❤


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