THE 90’s were all that! 

Please tell me that I’m not the only one who stares into space here and there reminiscing on old childhood television shows. You know the ones that should still be on tv in this day in time but instead Disney & Nickelodeon chose to broadcast this new crap.

Bring back Hey Arnold. I loved this show so much. I would sit back and laugh because I knew that whenever that show did finally come to an end, Arbold would never find out how Helga really felt about him.

What about The Rugrats? I wanted so desperately for them to grow up but when they did I think I appreciated them more as babies.

Let’s not forget As told by Ginger. That was your typical middle school / high school experience between the “In Crowd” and the ” Out Crowd”, in my time of course. But for that show it was more about the Rich/ Not so rich.

Angela Anaconda!!!!!! This chick had. Mouth on her. Watching that show I always waited for a back smack or a curse word to come out of her parents mouths because if she were me and I was saying some of the things she was. Please, I wouldn’t be writing this post right now. That’s for sure.

Remember Doug? Wow! How come so many tv shows always left so many cliff hangers. I think that show went off air without Patty Mayonaise ever finding out how Doug felt about her.

Taina, The Brothers Garcia, All That, Rocko’s Modern Life, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Pepper Ann, Recess, The Amanda Show, Gullah Gullah Island, Out of the box, PB & J Otter & so many more. All of these shows explain my childhood. Why I would rather stay inside and binge on “One Saturday Morning Cartoons” all summer. Bowl after bowl of cereal, running out of milk, reciting word from word with the characters of the show. Crying when they cried, laughing so hard you almost peed your pants. Gosh, The 90’s were ALL THAT! ❤️


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