6 Behaviors that will get you out of broke

Hey my loves!!!

I know, I know. It’s been way too long since my last blog and honestly I have no reasonable excuse. Forgive me. Its been an awesome month. I’ve been connecting with a lot of people and I wanted to get back to inspiring, along with queening like I do.

Today I wanted to address a few little habits that will turn your financial situation all the way around. You may wonder how the hell I know enough to give any type of financial advice? Well this little queen bee was able to create what I use to make in a year and surpass that in just a few short months.

What I learned was making money isn’t hard, we just make it difficult. So if you are currently BROKE and you know who you are, take some notes. (And share this with your broke awesome friends). So here’s some behaviors you can change to explode your income (watch I’m telling you your money will grow)

 Stop being in denial about your brokeness 

People think sometimes that they aren’t broke because they have a little bit of money in their account. They can pay to get their hair and nails done. I understand that everyone’s version of broke is different, but lets be real. To eliminate confusion, I am categorizing broke as not having atleast 3 months of life expenses in the bank and less than a thousand dollars in your savings. Take it how you please. The point is, do some self evaluation. Its okay to be broke right now and admit it. I’ve been beyond broke. I’ve been poor, like poor to the point I was rejoicing over $20 dollars. It was scary. Recognize that where you are right now might not be financially everything you hoped, but if you start right now you can really change things around.

Get uncomfortable

 Many people are broke and they are okay with it. They have just enough to pay the bills, have enough to go out to eat. They aren’t homeless or close t to that type of poor so they don’t see a need to change. Working pay check to pay check is stressful sometimes, but the urgency to go through a financial miracle hasn’t set in yet. You have to raise your expectations to whatever you truly desire. I hear people all the time say money isn’t everything. That’s what broke people say lol. Seriously. Money isn’t everything, but trust me it makes things a whole lot easier. Think about if you were at the point you desire to be financially, how many problems would be erased or very small in your life. I feel that way now. Money can be the determining point of if a flat tire completely ruins your day. Or if you lose your job. One time I was flying home and I thought I lost my cell phone. In the old days I would have flipped a lid, but instead I shrugged and thought well I’ll just have to buy a new one when I get home. Instead of being distraught, I was cool and ended up meeting my newest woman mentor. I wouldn’t have even talked to her if I was pissed I had lost my phone because I knew buying a new one would break the bank. I know that was long, but the point is get your ace (I’m not allowed to cuss right now) uncomfortable because that’s when your true drive will come out.

Stop thinking about opportunities and just take them on

Live your life in high gear. I hear people all the time say, well I have to think about it. I don’t like to act on impulse. First of all I don’t categorize things as acting on impulse, you’re just acting quickly. Success loves speed. But I really hate to say this because it’s going to ruffle some feathers and hurt some hearts, but many times people don’t make quick decisions is because their pockets can’t afford to. Thinking about something is merely saying let me contemplate investing in myself and having money to go out to eat. Can’t fool me, I know from experience. Let me tell you all something. When I started acting quickly, I started making money quicker. It was because I was in high gear, I was umcomfortable and my drive was at an all time high. Example: Recently I had less than 2,500 dollars to my name . I was very scared. Uncomfortable. But I was hungry and driven. So I invested into myself. My business, my website, my brand. Even to this day, a few opportunities have presented themselves and my old ways wants to hold on to every penny I have, but I fight my urge because I have learned to trust myself and I know whatever I invest and put out into the world, I will get it back plus more because that’s just what I do. Last thing on this topic, you just have to invest. No way around it. Your job isn’t magically going to throw you everything you need. The way to wealth, the way to getting out of this brokeness and stop being a little cat (remember I can’t cuss) is to make smart investments.

Network your butt off

This is soooooooooooooo freaking key. Many times I think what my life would be without my somewhat of a mentor (he hates me calling him that, but his actions say I can’t call him my best friend). The relationships I have built have put my in a position where I am doing better than most people my age and I have no need to get a 9-5 again. Well unless it was something I wanted to do. I dont understand why people pride themselves on not having new friends or trusting people or even cutting people off. How self destructing is that. The truth is, you can’t get to success by yourself. So when you embrace that and go out there and make those million dollar connections, it will make things much easier for you.

Trust yourself. Have faith in you

This seems like an obvious point, but for some it is not. Sometimes people don’t even know when they are doubting themselves. I catch myself often. Once I started trusting that I had what it take to build an income beyond my wildest dreams, money started pouring in my hand.

Wealth is 80% behavior

Contrary to belief, no matter how you can work the numbers, save, budget, calculate and even pray, that would only be 20% of what you need to do to get to the point of not being broke. The other 80% is behavior. When you change your behavior, you’ll get different results. When you think differently, work differently, invest differently, you might contrast your way out of this state of brokeness you are in. You just have to learn the behaviors of a person who has the finances you want to acquire and then replicate them.

So I hope this was a dose of medicine to cure your broke pockets lol. Okay sorry, let me stop joking. But seriously, if you live my these words, your financial situation will increase rapidly. I want to see all my followers be the wealthiest in the world. So go out there and get this moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

– LK<3


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