Being the person that you want others to be to you

Today is so special to me because the topic I want to address is freaking awesome and I think others need to hear it. We’ve all heard the expression about becoming the person you want in your life. Well I want to not only touch on it, but show you the best ways to go about it. Take notes, it’s hella important that you do.

Be the person who takes their own advice. I can’t be the only person that feels this way, but I think I give the best advice but when it comes to my life I am a complete disaster. We usually know what it is we need to do, we just don’t want to do it. It gets to the point when it is easier to tell someone what to do than to do it yourself. You have to grow up inside and own the responsibility to make the best decisions for yourself. That’s really what it’s about. Growing into your own and developing into the person who has your own back. That’s true development .

Don’t be a half package looking for a full package. The worst thing to me is when I see women complain about wanting a man with a nice job, nice car and the full package and yet they barely have a job and struggling financially and mentally. I think it’s unfair to expect so much from a man and not expect the same for yourself. The way I look at it, the man I desire deserves the best kind of woman. In order to get that man for myself I have to be the best kind of woman. How can you become the ultimate partner? That’s the thing you want to think about versus complaining about finding the ultimate mate.

Be the business partner you want to work with. Whether you have a job or you are a business owner, at some point you will have to work and interact with others. You may have employees, business partners, co workers and bosses. I like to think in matters of how I can be the most memorable person to work with. How I can be a leader and make a lasting impression. And with growing my business I think about how important it is to get key individuals who add value to my company. In doing this, I often have to take a look at myself and my working habits. Am I setting an example? Am I attracting awesome people by being awesome myself. Practicing a work ethic that I would like to see in others is key to attracting some of the most amazing people in your life.

Lastly, understand that where you are now is not a reflection of where you will be. Just keep making progress. It is perfectly fine if right now you aren’t at the place you desire to be. The part that becomes messy is continuing to be in the same place a year from now. Accept where you are. Own it. But continue to strive for progress. Continue to grow and advance. Everyday actively work on where it is you want to go. Wait for nothing. At some point you will develop into the person you need to be and in those moments relationships will develop to nourish your progress. Look forward to it and keep going.
So I hope you all got some value out of today’s post whether it be personally or professionally. Take it in strides and focus on making you the best you you can be. That’s when greatness starts to fall in your life.


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