living above mediocrity

So here we are, the second day of the week.  This week has already been an ongoing  journey of learning. My mentor mentioned a few key points this past weekend and I definitely had to reiterate it. So one key thing people think about, but fail to master is how to live above mediocrity. We all have a certain lifestyle we dream of attaining, but many times become okay with accepting what we already have. I want to tell you, it is okay to go after that dream. You deserve it. Let me fill you in a few things that was shared with me and got me in gear to go hard for the life I feel I deserve.

Stop letting your mind take the lead all the time.

 My mentor brought up an extraordinary point to me about how our minds are designed with fear to be able to keep us in this safe zone. The reason why we are designed to hang out in that safe zone is because our minds need to protect us. Once we get outside of that safe zone, our minds immediately begin sending signals of discomfort throughout our body. At that point we act accordingly and quickly find ways to remove ourselves from the discomfort. In order to get pass the point you are at now, every once in a while you have to ignore the fear your mind creates and push forward out of your safe zone. Fear has never created success. And now that you know its just your mind acting as a mini soldier, take control. Push yourself. Go beyond your mind and get uncomfortable. Which brings me to my next point.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

 I can hear my mentor now, “If what you were doing worked, you would already be where you want to be.” The reason why many of us are not at the place that we desire is because we like living inside our comfort zone while success is right on the outside of it. It’s time to do things you would not normally do to start getting different results in your life. Whether that would be applying for the job you didn’t think you would get, reaching out to someone you admire for direction in your business or finally taking up on that business opportunity you’ve been hesitant about. Comfort again is security. Discomfort is growth. In order to grow in yourself and attain those outrageous goals you have, you got to get a little uncomfortable and push through to the next level.

Surround yourself with what it is you want to be.

 I know we heard time and time again, you are a product of your environment. The saying speaks volumes. When I surrounded myself with friends who were living paycheck to paycheck, okay with bad credit scores and also living an okay life with hopes that suddenly a miracle would happen and grant them the life of their dreams, well I acted just like them. I began to feel like I was not alone in my bad habits and I started becoming okay being mediocre. Once I started changing my friends and surrounding myself with successful young people who actively talked about expanding their income, building businesses and being apart of the 700 and above credit score group, then well I began to strive for that. We have to remove ourselves from our situation and place ourselves in the situation we desire to be in. And eventually our surroundings seep in and we pick up on mannerisms and habits that will get us to the place that we desire.

Lastly, you are literally whatever you believe.

 I have met several people this week already who lacked belief in themselves and doubted the fact they can reach the goals they wanted to reach. I asked them why they felt like they did not deserve to be where they desired. The answers varied, but most had a statement of pure denial. They felt like they did believe in the fact that they deserved that life. So I asked why so many excuses. When you believe in your heart that you deserve something, you go after it with full raging force. I had to explain the difference between desiring something and wholeheartedly believing you deserve it and will get it. Once you get out of your safe zone, you have to let belief carry you through your discomfort. I truly believe I will make at least 10,000 dollars a month by the end of the year. And it will happen. The belief I have will ensure I do everything necessary (especially uncomfortable things) to meet that goal. Get uncomfortable, pick up some winning friends and believe in yourself.

I honestly have to thank my mentor for sprinkling all this lovely knowledge in my head. And just in case you missed it from him, I am more than happy to shower the information into the world that I soaked in. Well everyone go back to enjoying your Tuesday. ❤


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