Successful person, who dis??

Have you ever heard the expression fake it until you make it? I’m not sure exactly what you think about when you hear that expression, but I know that it makes me feel like if I act like a successful person long enough, I’ll end up becoming one. If this is true, then the first step to success will definitely be to start embodying that type of person. So it was important to me to share some insight on how successful people think in order to change your mindset into the one of someone you desire to be. Enjoy!


Create your own lane and destination

People sometimes are so focused on being the first to do something or who they are in competition with that they don’t focus on their own journey. When your mindset is solely on you being your only competition, then you can identify where you can improve and grow. Staying focused on your own journey gives you a sense of appreciation for the process.


Learn to be a massive executor

Planning for success is a big part of the process, but plans with no action gets you no where. Once you start taking steps forward and lighting up a path of execution, then you start to progress in a massive way. Talk less and do more.

Do one thing each day others won’t do

The sad fact is there aren’t many successful people in the world. If you want to be out of the norm, you have to do irregular things. Create habits and behaviors the average, unsuccessful person won’t do. Have a strict diet, bring a gift to a career interview or make an in person appearance to talk to someone instead of emailing them. Step outside your comfort zone and make a commitment to not be like every other person around you. Especially since every other person isn’t successful.


Realize success will happen, its just a process

The reason why most people aren’t successful is because they give up before reaching their breakthrough. I honestly believe that success is inevitable, but you have to be willing to go along for the journey. As long as you keep your eyes on the destination, you will get there. The problem is staying focused.


Become a servant to the world

Having a serving spirit will get you more places than people may think. Learn to serve others and carry a sense of being humble. I do not mean in a way of becoming a slave to people, but I do mean looking for what you can do for others versus what they can do for you.



xoxo, Lala


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