Head Nurse

Every day I wake up ready to save someone’s life. No matter how tired I am, how sick I am, at the end of the day it’s not about me. It’s about my patients. The people who count on me to help them, the people who throw up on me, the people who reject their meds, the people who remove their IV’s. The people I see more than my friends and family. At the end of the day I’m grateful for them. I’m grateful to be in a position when I can make someone’s life different. I’m grateful for being able to be one of the reasons that your family member is alive today. It’s not about the money, the position, the power, it’s strictly about them. I’m blessed that at the age of 25 I have a career that can take care of me and my family, provide me with stability and growth. But I’m not stopping here. I have a big surprise in store for you guys who cheer me on. Most importantly, for myself. I’ll never get complacent. No matter where I’m at in life. There’s always something else for me to go after. 2016 will be my year of stepping out in faith. I’m super nervous but excited at the same time. Can’t wait to share the deets with you guys. Thanks for always having my back! 


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