girl, where have you been???!!!

Heyyyyyyy guys!!! I know so many of you are reading this and thinking “Girl!!!!! Where the hell have you been??!!”. Don’t kill me you guys. Just know that  I’m back for good!!


Since  my last post I have been soul searching. I’ve been on a mission to find myself within myself. (If that makes any sense to you guys). I’ve been praying a lot, tieing up loose ends and preparing my present self for my future self. As I type I kind of feel like I’m speaking in tongues but just know you’ll understand exactly what it is that I’m trying to say as time progresses.


Part of my soul searching was for me to determine exactly what it is that I may want career wise. For years I have been in constant battle with my heart and my pockets when it came to job placement. I found myself staying longer than expected at certain jobs because the money was good.  But, I hated my job. That gets old pretty quick when you spend 90% of your day being miserable and the other 10% happy that the day is over and you get to go home, but then you remember that you have to do it all over again the following day. Now this is not to say I didn’t love my position at Emory, because I did. I loved my patients, my bosses and my co-workers but I had began to become complacent. Besides being content, complacent is the worse thing that you could possibly be at any point in life. At that point, it’s like you are completely satisfied with whatever it is that you are doing or have been doing and have absolutely no desire to progress any further. That my friend is how I had begun to feel. At that very point I knew I had to go because there was no way I was putting myself through that.

I went on interview after interview, turning down any offer that I felt wasn’t the perfect fit until I was offered the perfect opportunity in the perfect department…. ONCOLOGY 

I’ll save these details for a later post. If I was to go in depth right now, you’d be reading until the sun rose tomorrow.

Speaking of Soul searching, RAMADAN MUBARAK to all of my Muslim readers. I hope this month of fasting brings us all peace, prosperity, & love. (Inshallah). As I type I’m glancing at the clock because Iftar is approaching! (Sorry guys, I’m soooo hungry).

With all of this being said, I am so very happy to be back. It feels really good to hear the clicks of my keyboard as  I sit in silence. Can’t wait to give you guys all new content!! If you guys would like articles on specific topics leave them in the comment box below. Thanks for reading!

xoxo; Lala

Alhamdulillah !



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