Personality Change


These are the words that can summarize my life daily. Why? Simply because I am human. Everyday is a struggle for me. I wake up in a world where I can actually choose the life I want to live daily. Wait, let me rephrase that. ” I wake up in a world where I can actually choose the life I want to fabricate for the day.” It’s sad to actually say but it is the new normal. Society has officially gave us the option. So today I can wake up and decide to be a filthy rich and spoiled chick from Buckhead, Atlanta who doesn’t have a job but manages to fly to various countries and states monthly. Oh wait, how about the bottle service girl from your local lounge who just got a new boob job? You know, the one who lifts in the elite lofts in  midtown. The one who dates multiple guys & has a million “close friends”.


This my love, is UNACCEPTABLE.

Let me be honest with you. When I was a little younger I dated a guy who was well-known in my city. To everybody in the public eye, he was “That N*gga”, but to me he was a torn individual who changed his lifestyle like he changed his boxers. Barely had a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of, yet the image he portrayed told a totally different story.  I even caught myself playing into his little fairy tale lifestyle to make his lies look legit. Worst time of my life. It was so shocking to see how many people really lived like this. It kind of made me see life so different after a while. It made me question so much. From all different aspects.It’s like people were playing this little role so well, I could barely recognize the truth from their lies.


In my opinion, it’s totally unnecessary to live in that way. I truly believe that you can really have the lifestyle that you desire if you put forth the effort for it. I mean let’s be honest, how long do you think you can really pull off this double life before getting tired of it or getting called out on your lie? Think about that for a second.

I scroll through my social media apps daily and double tap so many nice photos of individuals on lavish vacations, in lavish homes, cars, designer clothing and not a bit of jealousy comes over me. want to know why? Because it’s all for entertainment. Can’t no one else’s life or lifestyle move me. Nothing that anyone else is doing pays my bills. If anything the pictures that I see give me motivation. Motivation to keep working towards my goals so I too can enjoy the things and places that are in these photos.

It really bothers me to see so many people who I know give in to social media slavery. We can barely go out and enjoy ourselves because we feel like everything has to be shown on Snapchat or Instagram. As I write this I’m just sitting here shaking my head. It’s really so crazy what life has evolved into.


The moral of this post was to just remind some of you that only you can change how you’re living now into how you want to live. Please be mindful of this. There is no uniformed way of living but live in your truth, you’d appreciate it way more for it being original and pure.My life is a far cry from perfect but it is perfect for little ol’ me. I am a work in progress and I get a step closer to my life goals everyday because I work towards it. It’s ok to idolize, but always make sure that’s all it is. Let what you see be “FOR MOTVATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY”. Get your shit together & be someone else’s “LIFE GOALS”.






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