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This page is dedicated to my ladies of course. I know there are days when we may not feel our prettiest, or days when we just don’t feel like beating our faces, brushing our hair, shoot even getting out of the bed. So this section is especially for US. Beauty can be expensive, and painful. This page right here will be our “HOLY GRAIL”I’ll supply you guys with reviews,design ideas, new recipes for all my foodies,  new product details, money saving tips, and home remedies for all of our daily needs.

Enjoy! ❤



  With winter slowly approaching, I had to take precaution with a lot of my normal beauty routines. Like hair washing, the amount of heat I apply to my hair, my normal skin care regimen and a host of other things. Since we are all online besties ( <3), i decided to share some of … Continue reading BEAUTY


Some things come naturally to certain people: baking, drawing, decorating a room… For the rest of us, it takes an education. When I decorated my first house, I knew what I wanted but had trouble bringing that vision to life. I guess you could say I was overwhelmed. The daunting task of pulling together a … Continue reading Design


Bacon & Herb Croissant Stuffing I love the holidays. They’re such a time for gathering and time for family. Cornbread dressing has been in my family repertoire for ages. It’s just something that we had every holiday. My grandmother was notorious for making it rich and creamy. I’ve updated the classic with rich buttery croissants. … Continue reading Recipes


THREE HEALTHY EATING HACKS I’ve never been a diet person. If something feels too restrictive or hard to keep up with, then I know it probably won’t last long. Instead, I’ve maintained a healthy figure over the years by following a lifestyle that makes me feel fit without being too hard on myself. It’s not … Continue reading Health/Wealth